> When I think about Aokuro.Suddenly my soul is soaring in the sky colored these two



>_> …. <_< …. haven’t on tumblr for long time… >_> <_< now i can’t recognize anyone T~T


Midorima: Takao, don’t be hitting on underage rivals!

Takao: Don’t worry, he is just a jealous tsundere after all.


Free! yandere ver.

Had a dream where all the characters in Free! were yandere.

[Mini Comic] Djinn Equip


Title: Djinn Equip

Artist: z-hard (me)

Fandom: Magi, Kuroko no Basuke

Character/Pairing: Sinbad, Jafar, Judal, Midorima, Takao / Maybe SinJa and MidoTaka

Notes: It’s crack. I’ve warned you hahaha. English is not my language so please spare me from any grammatical errors ;_;

Reading orientation: Left -> Right


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